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Bowsers So blue (Eiffel 65) Bowsers So blue (Eiffel 65)

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who deletes comments anyways? appearantly you do. what? couldn't handle tough criticism?

BowserThedestructive responds:

delete comments wtf are you talking about >:D wow this review is old but no icant delete comments wtf do you mean? reviews on audio arent removable -.-

Bowsers Inner ConFlict Bowsers Inner ConFlict

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i like it but..

this is so distorted that i distracts from the song. but good job putting it all together.

Dk64 Crocodile Isle {ORCH!}! Dk64 Crocodile Isle {ORCH!}!

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I think...

this is my favorite so far. the instrument choice is prime for this song. nicely done.

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Sonic~Carnival Zone{Orch..} Sonic~Carnival Zone{Orch..}

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This is quite accurate to the real version. Just out of personal opinion I'm not totally thrilled with EVERY instrument choice. but you did a great job on this regardless.

Fears Fears

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no no no

you're all wrong. this is obviously a mix between awesome, spectacular, and brilliant. hah

great job putting all the different styles together. it has somewhat of a resident evil/ 80's horror film feel to it.

you're so obviously talented.

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Arctic Desert Arctic Desert

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good god this song is so epic. the ambiance of this is intoxicating and the fact that it never really kicks off just paints such an awesome picture. you did an awesome job of executing this song. too bad more people don't make great music like this.

you've just been favorited my friend.

threaded together threaded together

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this is the shit. whoever blams this if an idiot.

I love the beat.

Saylek responds:

thanks! glad you liked it

Heads in the clouds Heads in the clouds

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I like this

because of the epic sound to it. I'm not sure it fits into the genre that you put it in. However, it definatly fits into the genre of awesome!

Keep it up bro. Can't wait to hear what you've got

Saylek responds:

o crap i didnt even notice that i put it under rnb! thanks for pointing that out. "fits into genre of awesome" ok now that is a quote that i have to remember. much thanks again. ill give you a smiley :)

\**Evil's Circus**/ \**Evil's Circus**/

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great metal jam. i definatly recommend someone who can give a good scream but i wouldn't waste such a well written song on a screamo vocalist.

Great job.

Shadeofblack responds:

Thanks a lot dude ! I find it cool you recommended this song to someone to give a scream^^
This song was written by each one of the band, and each one has given his opinion to make this music. So, a scream will get the opinion of someone else, and make it better I think.
Thanks again ^^

\**Mon Ami est Allé**/ \**Mon Ami est Allé**/

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wee wee

if i knew how to speak french, i'd tell you how much i like this song in it, regretfully my shitty country didn't teach us anything in school, so i'm stuck just saying. "great song man!"

Shadeofblack responds:

Oh I am sorry for you. I am likely to follow an English teaching (and of Spanish BTW) since I am 10 years old. Anyway, I thank you for your review, and I'm gonna listen to your songs !